November 25, 2014

A Lego Bridge

A Lego Bridge

OUACHITA NF, AR #MyLove #VanDwelling #Surrender … and archetypes as living things.

10:31 AM

This morning, in a convenience store in Oklahoma, two employees—racists—were discussing the rioting in Ferguson, MO. They were filled with such vileness and hatred. Being white, apparently they expected me to feel the same way they did. Holding my tongue, I left in disgust.

I struggled with my anger during the long, lonely drive, determined to find a way through it… and then I did.

Instead of focusing on the details of the anger—the racists, my conflicting feelings about the rioting, my disenchantment with humanity in general—I focused on the archetype of Anger/Hatred. I saw it as a living force and that I was nurturing this force—feeding it—by focusing on the details (the racists, the riots, the apathy).

Once I saw Anger and Hatred as part of a much vaster archetype—as a living entity—it was much easier to stop feeding it.

As I drove, I looked out at the beauty and nature surrounding me and saw these things as an archetype also—the archetype of Life/Love.

And, while I drove, I chose to feed the Life/Love archetype—Her—instead.

And it was good.

2:48 PM

I drove over 200 miles today—more than I like—while mostly focusing on the Love archetype/living thing mentioned above (though occasionally slipping into ignorance while being tailgated on the winding mountain roads, blotting out all the Beauty I was driving through).

I made camp in a free campground in western Arkansas. I’ve got the place all to myself and the mystery truck has already driven by, so I don’t expect to be disturbed for the rest of the evening. I had hoped to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in this forest (the Ouachita), but Dad was rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning having trouble breathing and Mom’s got my brother and I in a holding pattern until she knows more so I may not get my wish.

Surrender is not at all easy.

It’s been one of those clunky days.

3:19 PM

Back to those archetypes mentioned above: It would be easy to think of them as two separate things—the religious might call them Good and Evil, or God and the Devil—but really they are just opposite ends of the same thread (a saying I’m fond of from Seeing Clearly). I’m starting to think of these opposing life forces as the conscious and unconscious sides of TaoGodHer.

The Love (selfless) archetype is God Herself moving through us (consciously), and the Hate (selfish me-me-me) archetype is Ego (God unconscious) moving through us. Kind of fits in with the Perennial philosophy (or maybe it’s Hinduism, I don’t know, this is a diary, not a book) where the story goes that God, bored out of His mind all by his lonesome self, created the Universe and everything in it and then made Himself forget that He was all the separate things also (conscious = unity, unconscious = separation).

Fits in with the Genesis story that Man has free will and God’s not going to mess with it (Man’s ego = God’s unconscious).

I’m in 100% agreement with both stories—I like the way it all fits together so nicely.

The less there is of me-me-me (God unconscious), the more there is of Her (God conscious).

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3 thoughts on “November 25, 2014

  1. sorry to hear your dads in hospital.

    I like the two ends of he string. God is conscious at one end and the other unconscious, while unconscious God is unaware of Him self and while conscious She is aware. although while I felt a tug towards the idea it was although something was in the way. I think that is the idea of the conscious and the unconscious being either/or when in reality its both. while consciousness is a aware it is unaware of the unconscious however the unconscious is conscious and aware of both.

    ” where the story goes that God, bored out of His mind all by his lonesome self, created the Universe and everything in it and then made Himself forget that He was all the separate things”

    one end of the string(this end of the string) separation, ego, conscious. at the other end unity, conscious(unconscious to the conscious at the other end of the string). while in description it looks like either/or it is one piece of string it is that end And that end.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

  2. Wayne, may the Spirit of Life (Tao/God/Her) be with you on your driving adventure…and yes it is true that we feed either one of the opposites of this world by thinking and giving our attention to them.The one you feed will grow…always only in your mind though.
    I really like the explanation A Course in Miracles gives to the origin of the world: “God did not create the world,universe or man (homo sapiens) the ego did!!! as a place to hide from God!!!” and only such position answers the question of why is such unloving, fearful, sinful and ugly dysfunctional suffering world we see. Because Pure Perfection and Wholeness could not have created such a thing…only the insane ego could so as to remain separated from Reality and that is the only logic and reason I seem to resonate with. All other stories from scriptures are such a childish way of telling what NO ONE here can know with our ego minds of LEARNED CONDITIONING.
    So live the happy dream in which we know we are dreaming and so we are the dreamer of the dream as the one ego wishing to be separate little gods doing our own thing here. Hoping we can all awaken soon and remember who we really are as the Son of It.
    Only then death and illness will loose its power to take away our peace, as all really awakened Ones experience, in all traditions. As I have read many times you Wayne experience and share with us. Only bodies die, not who we really are, so not to worry about your dad or anyone else for we are already the One indivisible Whole Spirit, not the flesh we see with our body eyes. Thanks for all your transparency and sharing.

  3. As I walk into a Thanksgiving dinner with family members who have some very different worldviews than I do, this image of feeding different archetypes is very helpful.

    I hope things improve with your dad… 🙁

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