November 26, 2014

Fall Fallen

Fall Fallen

E OF MONTICELLO, AR #MyLove #Technique #Surrender #MiracleLog … and Spiral Dynamics.

4:20 PM

While I thought I’d take a day off from traveling, I found myself breaking camp and just went with it. While driving, I put the song I See You on repeat and focused on feeding the Love/Her archetype that I “discovered” yesterday (I invented the Internet too).

Powerful practice. It’s the details—the thoughts—which screw us up. If we could just focus on Love/Her as a living thing—as an invisible but shared commonality to all life (and feed that living thing by giving it our attention)—I believe humanity’s spiritual development would accelerate rapidly.

Earlier I had sent Nathan a link to Ken Wilber’s take on Spiral Dynamics. I hadn’t read up on this since the late ’90s when I was trying to piece all this stuff together (and trying to go from SD’s Green level to Yellow). What I found interesting this morning was the last part of the description of the Turquoise level:

Turquoise thinking uses the entire Spiral; sees multiple levels of interaction; detects harmonics, the mystical forces, and the pervasive flow-states that permeate any organization. 0.1% of the population, 1% of the power.

I never understood this back in the ’90s but now it’s pretty much my day-to-day life:

  • multiple levels of interaction: AND’s not OR’s
  • the mystical forces: Her and synchronicites
  • the pervasive flow-states: Less of “you” results in a flowing life

What’s also interesting is that the second tier levels are reflections of first tier levels just from a transpersonal perspective (Yellow is the transpersonal version of Beige, Turquoise of Purple, Coral of Red, …) and that the levels alternate between self-centric and social-centric (me -> us -> me -> us -> me -> …).

My point being that my recent Us-centric Turquoise (spiritual teacher) development has shifted to a more Me-centric Coral level (surrendering myself to Her). Note: The Coral level isn’t listed on the link above, but can be found on other sites.

This recent Me-centricity is all about my strong desire to rid myself of anything that stands between me and Her—very primal Red level stuff (me/ego) but seen from a transpersonal view (me/Her). Ie: A “do-or-die” “battle for” and “demand” to “surrender” my self-concern and self-will to a “Power God” (words in quotes reflect Red’s war-like terminology).

So my mysterious actions of late are starting to make more sense—they’re just a natural progression (albeit rare) of a recognized pattern of spiritual development.

Whew. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

5:51 PM

A funny/weird coincidence: As I was uploading this post to the website, my MiFi device (used to get me online in my travels) changed its status color from flashing green (4G) to solid red. I’ve never seen the red light before which just adds to the odds-defying nature of the “I was just writing about the Red and Coral levels of Spiral Dynamics.” Weird but true.

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2 thoughts on “November 26, 2014

  1. There’s nothing but “her”. Even the illusion of “not her” IS HER. 😉
    All the mind games that accompany figuring out spiritual development is part of the process which she allows us to experience.
    Somehow I sense the more we focus on absolute ideas or concepts or any kind of rational explanations, the further we are from her. She’s as easy as any child can see.
    Thanks for sharing Wayne.

  2. to Wayne and all our family sharing our common Purpose of Awakening:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day wherever you are, living and experiencing our always transforming Path of Liberation. So unique and so the same…in the relative world as in the Absolute Dimension which we never left.

    Love, Peace and Happiness to all from my grateful heart.

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