November 27, 2014

Filling The Water Jugs

Filling The Water Jugs

NATCHEZ TRACE, MS #Journaling #VanDwelling #MiracleLog

7:40 AM

I lay in bed listening to the gunfire erupting all around me while debating whether to reply to a critical comment left on the blog disagreeing with what I had said. I opted not to. While I have been reading all the comments on this new blog, I haven’t been replying to any of them for three reasons:

  1. This is a journal, not a teaching blog. inadvertently became my teaching blog and in my time remaining I’m planning on writing a book about Mystical Oneness, so I don’t want to get dragged back into interactive teaching mode right now (I’m still continuing to guide Michelle, though she’s developed to the point that any “teachings” are just reminders).
  2. I’m thinking about making short ebooks out of this journal. I like how ebooks feature the ability to highlight entries and to take notes which would allow readers an easy way of summarizing anything they find important in these works. I did this with a book by Meister Eckhart and found it very useful and still refer to it often. Since I’m not planning on including the blog comments in the books, it makes more sense to post any replies I might have in the journal entries themselves.
  3. I don’t want to get dragged back into debating theories. I don’t just think about my theories—I apply them, I practice them, and I live them. Any need I may feel to defend them is just more self-concern (defending my actions), the very thing I’m wanting to surrender. Besides, all the explanations for my theories/actions can be found in:

Oh, the gunfire was due to hunters. Killing innocent, helpless, and defenseless animals is apparently a very popular past time around here. A proximity to hunters is one of the few downsides to forest-based van dwelling (but can largely be avoided if it’s a concern).

9:06 AM

Just got a Thanksgiving text from my brother. Dad’s doing better. His shortness of breath was due to pneumonia, but they seem to have that under control and he should be released from the hospital today or tomorrow. Good news… and I’m grateful. I replied I should be back in Florida in about a week.

3:19 PM

Arrived at Jeff Busby Park, a free campground on the Natchez Trace. I expected it to be full for the long holiday weekend, but I’m the only one here. I was greeted at the entrance by a whole flock of cats, which was coincidental since only an hour ago, after seeing my third (possible) stray dog, I was thinking that I hadn’t seen any stray cats this trip. Sat down with them and a really sweet grey and white one came up to me and let me pet her. Was tempted to take her on the road with me but I’m not ready for such a serious relationship. Filled my water jugs (a task I’ve always oddly enjoyed) and picked a spot for the night. As I was typing this, the mystery truck drove by to confirm my stay, so it looks like I’m golden for the night.

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One thought on “November 27, 2014

  1. “Filled my water jugs (a task I’ve always oddly enjoyed) and picked a spot for the night.” i know how oddly you mean. while camping with the family as a child i would be in no rush to do it but while filling the container i was quiet content and happy while it filled. oddly.

    Thanks for bringing back the memory.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

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