November 30, 2014

Fall in Southern Alabama

Fall in Southern Alabama

PENSACOLA, FL #Technique #Emptiness #Radiance … and a distinct lack of solitude.

12:16 PM

I headed out early and, when I grew tired, pulled over for a nap somewhere south of Daphne, ALOn the drive down, I focused on “that which is unchanged” as mentioned yesterday from Adya’s book. It’s a powerful practice and useful for accessing Emptiness, but it does take you away from the feel of Her.

Still, it’s a very useful practice. In many ways it feels almost like a combination of my HDI theory and Radiance—that “You” are a hole that God is poking through from His/Her higher dimension into this 3 dimensional world. That hole-as-You is the constant, unchanging thing.

4:56 PM

Well, I’m officially back in Florida. One of the things I don’t like about this state (and I’m allowed to dis it since I’m a native), is that it is practically impossible to get away from people. Out west, it is simple to spend an entire week without seeing another soul, but in my entire Florida residency, I don’t remember ever finding solitude for even a day (other than if you stay shut in at home). Oh well. We all have our crosses to bear.

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