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April 7, 2015 10:50 AM

Yesterday I wrote:

She sent me along that route for a reason. Damned if I know why (yet).

Now I know why.

Since my last post, Reader Joe explained that when he recommended Eureka Springs he had no idea about the discrimination issues in the area; I got some hate mail informing me that all liberals are hypocritical and “they will only live near educated blacks;” and Jo Lightfoot posted a link to this article on an LGBT-friendly church who only last week was banned from the Eureka Springs Easter Parade.

Eureka Springs—and this whole area—is a visually beautiful place, but change is coming and the people in charge (and the people who support them) are very resistant to this change.

Eureka Springs also has a thriving artist population—and many of those artists and business owners are supportive of the LGBT community, which was made apparent by all the rainbow flags on display as I walked through town today.

Many of those flags had the word, “Love” printed on them.

And that is really the reason She sent me through this area. If I hadn’t seen that KKK billboard in Harrison, none of this would have become apparent to me, just another series of small towns and an artist community with the common rainbow flag occasionally on display.


Yesterday, my awareness had contracted from the Vastness down into thoughts and judgements as my mind turned over the implications of that KKK billboard. As my eyes would fall upon a local, my mind saw only their mind—their mind’s racism and fear and intolerance. I saw only their Mortal Burka.


The key—the answer I sought to Anger and Fear and Hatred—is known by all, but usually only superficially: Love.

But superficially isn’t what She was trying to tell me. Below the Mortal Burka lies the Soul Burka, and below the Soul Burka lies pure, unconditional Love (Radiance).

At everyone’s core, is Love. We all act from Love—even if the love is bent by the mind toward selfishness and self-centeredness (and fear and anger, etc.).

I should not have been focusing on their Mortal Burka (their hatred, fears, and prejudices) but on their Radiance—on the Love that resides within them (within all of us).

She sent me to this area to remind me:

Don’t focus on their outer shell, Wayne. No, look deep within. Focus on their core being—on their Love.

Easily said. Not so easily done. Practice, practice, practice.

The smart have their books. The wise have their scars.

And I’ll take the scars any day.

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