Ocelots and Emptiness

Not What It Used To Be

Not What It Used To Be


April 8, 2015 1:47 PM

After yesterday’s post, I made camp at a prime, grassy, wooded spot (I’m really loving these Missouri Conservation areas), then settled in for the evening.

During the night, I realized something: In nonduality circles, “rare” often gets confused with “better.”

Emptiness is rare, but it isn’t better than the more accessible IntimateRadiance or Eternal qualities.

Because it is rare, people naturally seek to “acquire” Emptiness/Unity consciousness, and because they unconsciously equate rare with better, they naturally assume that Unity (Emptiness) is absolute truth where Separation is the lesser (less worthy), relative truth.

But that is like thinking that an ocelot is better than a house cat. An ocelot is a rare feline, but it would make for a terrible pet.

So too with Emptiness. It’s rare, but Unity consciousness is simply not a practical way of living.

Why does Emptiness suck in application? Because without boundaries, everything is not only understood as the same thing (Unity), everything also feels the same. When everything feels the same, there is no empathy for the suffering of others (it’s all “you”), your body is no more important than that tree, there’s no need to get up to go to the bathroom (just go wherever you’re sitting—it’s okay, it’s all One Thing).

The realization of Emptiness is rare, and though it is very useful for putting both suffering and identity into perspective, it is merely a single quality of a much greater Whole (Emptiness, Radiance, Eternal, Mortal, Intimate).

Emptiness is not better than the other qualities, it is just the least often experienced.

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