On Apathy And Inner Peace

The Cafe Counter

The Cafe Counter

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March 7, 2015 9:27 AM

At the cafe counter of the local Barnes and Noble, five strangers converged at the empty order register at the exact same instant. The barista, with her back to us while she rinsed off some dishes, jumped in shock when she saw the crowd which had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Without a word, we all smiled.

I’m conflicted.

On the one hand, what I’ve been contemplating lately could lead directly to inner peace.

On the other hand, it could lead to apathy.

Screw it, I’ll practice it for a bit and see what I find. All my readers are big boys and girls, they’re old enough to deal with the implications on their own:

If you truly live as a Soul, then this life is no more real than a dream.

Why? From my previous post, To Thrive:

Reincarnation implies that our current (seemingly all-important) life will soon feel like a dream.

All the evidence suggests that we are disincarnate, intelligent (but confused) entities currently driving around temporary bodies in a temporary physical world and that we will take on new bodies/worlds again and again and again. This experience is almost exactly like a dream: We participate in a dream. We consider it real. We wake up and realize the “real” reality. Then we fall back asleep and do it all over again.

Oddly enough, the inner peace that this perspective generates is the main attraction—the main benefit—of enlightenment. Indeed this Soul-perspective coincides with what the Buddha hinted at when he said, “Life is like a dream.”

Inner peace via a higher vantage point.

I’m going to practice this for a few days. To strive to keep this perspective—that all this is but a dream that I will soon wake up from—and see how it affects me.

My conflict? Without Love—without Radiancethis insight could very easily lead to apathy. I’ve already started to notice this apathy—this “it’s just a dream inner-peace defense”— when the emotions well up when hearing about ISIS atrocities, broadcast “news” exaggerations fill the airwaves, and my “distancing reactions” to differences of opinions.

Still, when you combine this insight with Love—that what I am experiencing right now is a shared dream by all of us-as-Souls—man, then it is so beautiful it’s heartbreaking.

Right now, I’m not sure how to resolve the conflict—the conflict of apathy and inner peace. Maybe with practice…

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One thought on “On Apathy And Inner Peace

  1. Apathy, inner peace… where is the inherent conflict?
    if u make it a conflict (in u’r mind) then u have conflict (experience).
    before mind there was no duality, hence no conflict
    yup, keep practicing witnessing from a state of radiance

    All the best!

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