Motivation and Priorities

Dad Sleeping in Front of the TV

Dad Sleeping in Front of the TV

MELBOURNE, FL — #Technique #Death #VanDwelling

January 27, 2015 2:15 PM

The writing this morning was feeling forced, so I gave up and went to hang with Dad while Mom went to the doctor. Scanning my news feed, I found this article about evaluating your life (to help keep it on track) and liked the first idea:

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Did today matter?”

Now imagine you have less than two years to live. Kind of bumps that question up a notch, doesn’t it?

4:49 PM

I re-routed some wiring in the rig that was bothering me: making the battery monitor easier to see from the easy chair and driver’s seat, plus mounting a more space efficient power strip.

I was originally going to build a fancy box around the equipment to make it look all purty and stuff, but after thinking about the above question, “Did today matter?” I opted not to. The box probably would have taken at least a day to assemble (two days with my track record of DIY estimates) and really, who’s going to see it but me?

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