Relationships: Mystical and Otherwise

An Example of a Fear-based Relationship.

An Example of a Fear-based Relationship.

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February 16, 2015 9:18 AM

Relationships can be tough, particularly of the human kind.

Here’s a simple Truth:

Love flows and opens. Fear struggles and contracts.

If I’m feeling open, then I’m acting from Love. If I’m feeling contracted, then from Fear.

If my life flows, then I’m on course. If it’s a struggle, then I’m not.

According to Vedanta (according to Deepak Chopra), there are two symptoms of enlightenment: A lack of worry, and an increase in synchronicity.

The open, flowing nature of unconditional Love explains the lack of worry.

Since my main squeeze is TaoGodHer (and She always acts from Love), this makes my life incredibly easy and stress-free. When in doubt, all I have to do is a quick gut-check (Am I feeling open or am I feeling contracted?) and I get instant feedback.

Contrast this stress-free relationship with the chaotic (sometimes breezy, sometimes tumultuous) energy of most human relationships.

Big difference.

For the Mystic in a human relationship, not only do they have to gut-check their own motivations (open or contracted), but they have to guess at their partner’s motivations too: Is their partner acting from Love? or from Fear?

Lucky for you, here’s another simple Truth:

STRESS in any relationship (human or otherwise) means someone is acting from Fear.

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3 thoughts on “Relationships: Mystical and Otherwise

  1. I loved your post today because I had actually been waiting for it. On February 3rd a journal entry that I wrote 15 years ago about relationships just “happened” to pop up. It was the beginning of a chain of synchronistic events that led me to end a relationship that met many of my “egoic wants,” but that didn’t meet my spiritual needs. Your post was just the latest confirmation that the universe had been “gently guiding” me as I struggled with this latest life lesson. Since synchronicity has so often been a travelling partner on my spiritual journey, it came as no surprise to me that what you wrote today was EXACTLY what I had been writing in my journal for the last couple of months. ‘Just love these little reminders that the She is supporting me.

  2. If TaoGodHer is all encompassing, which to me means everything flows from and back to the source (TaoGodHer). If the above statement is true then Acts of negative (evil) and postive (love) come from the source (TaoGodHer). How can she always act from love? I am coming from an open heart with this question. Also, I would like to thank you for the openness with your writing.


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