Some Unexpected Help When I Needed It

The Three Aspens

The Three Aspens

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May 18, 2015 8:09 AM

In preparation for the Buddha at the Gas Pump interview this Saturday, I added a Private Sessions page to this and the WayneWirs blog. Since I don’t have a book on Mystical Oneness yet, I figured I have to offer something more than just the blog archives to help the curious find answers to their questions.

But in writing up the text for the private sessions page—and thinking of my audience (you must always think of your audience)—I realized most new visitors won’t know me, so I added a link to the Testimonials page

And in reading the testimonials page, as usual, it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.

I know my message is so very different from most guests on Batgap—and quite frankly, I’ve been a little concerned that I may come across as a bit of a nutcase during my interview—but in re-reading those testimonials, it put those doubts to rest and brought back the certainty that I’m not just spewing nonsense.

I love each of you. Thank-you.

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2 thoughts on “Some Unexpected Help When I Needed It

  1. No way, I have listened to a lot of batgap interviews, and there are people who come off as much more questionable than you. Like the anti-vaccine lady. Or the guy who left his wife and kids and now lives with three or four tantric female partners. And Rick of course was skeptical but took the attitude of, “Well who am I to judge?” I think he has seen a whole lot of weird.

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