The Developing Sense Of “Me”

She Watches

She Watches

WOLF CREEK PASS, CO — #Intimate #MyLove

June 26, 2015 9:13 AM

Over the last week or so, there’s been a new “sense of me” gradually developing. As the Mystic’s Dilemma moves from my head into my heart, the inner-most layer of “me” is taking on a much softer, happier, loving quality. Indeed, when I’m not lost in thoughts or experiences, all I feel is Love (which leads to the happier, softer inner feeling). … Read more…

God Incarnate (and Amma)

Waiting For A Miracle

Waiting For A Miracle

ESPANOLA, NM — #Encounters #Intimate #MiracleLog #MyLove #Remember

June 20, 2015 5:09 PM

An absolutely amazing thing happened to me today. I went to see Amma.

But that’s not the amazing part.

This morning, I broke camp and put Leona Lewis’ I See You on repeat (as I often do when I want to drive in God) and headed down to see Amma. Normally I listen to this song as if I am singing the words to TaoGodHerbut this time, I imagined it as if it were TaoGodHer singing the words to me. Wonderful! Beautiful! Suddenly the boundaries between She and I became almost ethereal.

I don’t know if it was listening to the song in this new way, or the insight into the Mystic’s Dilemma I had earlier this week, or what it was, but something amazing happened six hours later. … Read more…

The Witness/Participant Cycle

Preparing For Flight

Preparing For Flight

LOS ALAMOS, NM — #FourthWall #Intimate #Journaling #LivingIt

June 19, 2015 7:13 AM

All personal growth seems to follow a pattern, a cycle between two states:

  • Witness (recognizing and learning something new)
  • Participant (integration and living the newly learned knowledge)

When I advise people to live as a Soul, what I am saying is:

  • Read up on all the evidence of the Soul (witness life as a Soul)
  • Live and act as if you live forever (participate in life as a Soul)

Same with Radiance, read up on the theory (witness it) then bring it to life (participant in it). Ditto Emptiness. … Read more…

The Mystic’s Dilemma

Last Night's Portrait of God

Last Night’s Portrait of God

NE OF THE NAVAJO NATION, NM— #Remember #Encounters #Intimate

June 17, 2015 7:06 AM

The Mystic’s Dilemma:

I know that everything is God. This means that I am a part of God. My mind knows this, but my heart feels separate from God because I love God (am separate from Him). My mind says, “Yes, I am God,” but my heart says, “No, I am separate from God.”

One of the reasons for starting this blog, The Mystic’s Journal, was to document my efforts and struggles with the oh-so-subtle self archetypes (self-concern, self-awareness, self-centeredness, …) which seem to be keeping me from completely merging with Her/God. … Read more…

Bumbling Along Blissfully

The Desert Blooms

The Desert Blooms

NE OF THE NAVAJO NATION, NM — #Intimate #VanDwelling

June 16, 2015 7:25 PM

Last night was only the second time that I’ve paid for a place to camp since I’ve lived in Serenity, but lakeside camping for only eight bucks? I’m not complaining.

In the morning, I filled my water cans, took a long hot shower, and drove off to find some breakfast and coffee. At Milan, I looked over the maps and possible routes and I heard Her whisper, “North.”  … Read more…

A Mystic’s Guide To Happiness

Toward The Higher

Toward The Higher

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Intimate #Radiance #Remember

June 9, 2015 8:52 AM

The less there is of You, the more there is of Happiness.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Gratitude.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Appreciation.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Peace.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Joy.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Serenity.

The less there is of You, the more there is of Bliss.

Is this the Truth? How can we know?

Just look into the eyes of any pre-me-me-me person: any child before her parents started “personalizing” her.

Are your noisy me-me-me thoughts worth the cost of Happiness and Gratitude and Appreciation and Peace and Joy and Serenity and Bliss?

Are they worth pure and radiant and unconditional Love?

Because the less there is of You,…

The more there is of Love.

The Gift Of Peace

A Little Peace

A Little Peace

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Encounters #Intimate #MiracleLog

June 6, 2015 12:10 PM

I had a one-on-one consult this morning with Paul from France. Without exception, when someone comes to me for spiritual advice and we have an actual talk (versus email, posts, comments, etc.), I’m left with a feeling of expansion and ease and peace. I’m left with a serene sense of connection to Her.

After the call, I stepped out of the van to stretch and—even though I’m out in the middle of a huge forest—found a tiny plastic peace symbol sitting on the ground directly in front of me, washed clean from last night’s rain.

“Peace,” She said. “You keep doing what you’re doing. I love you.”

TM’s Levels of Consciousness

Outside Sedona

Outside Sedona

S of FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Emptiness #Encounters #FourthWall #Intimate #Radiance

June 3, 2015 1:32 PM

I received the following email from Jerry Freeman yesterday:

Hi, Wayne

I’m enjoying your interview with Rick Archer. If you have a little time, you might find some of the information in this interview, about the sequential unfoldment of higher states of consciousness, of interest. I recorded it with Rick in October of 2013:

The more relevant material begins about 43 minutes into the interview. If you skip the lead-in, you won’t miss anything important.

If you do get a chance to listen, I would be interested in your comments.

Best wishes,


I haven’t responded yet, indeed, this post may end up being my response, but I found Transcendental Meditation’s higher levels of consciousness remarkably similar to my experiences, though not being familiar with TM, my vocabulary is naturally different. … Read more…

The Making Of Skillful Sailors

Exploring The Edges

Exploring The Edges

RIM ROAD, AZ — #BATGAP #Emptiness #FourthWall #Intimate #MiracleLog #Radiance #Soul #Technique

May 31, 2015 8:28 AM

I awoke last night with the thought, “Why don’t people share my work?” Like a fool, I had glanced at the Batgap home page before I went to bed and saw my interview had a grand total of six Facebook shares. Even taking into account only being listed for a week, I figured that if people liked my interview as much as the previous guest, I should have at least 25.

Funny how the mind works in the middle of the night. … Read more…

The Pain Of The Collective Consciousness

What Flowers Look Like Through Tears

What Flowers Look Like Through Tears

RIM ROAD, AZ — #BATGAP #Encounters #FourthWall #Intimate #MiracleLog #Radiance

May 30, 2015 10:38 AM

On our last day together, Michelle said to me, “Wouldn’t it be neat if that happened during your BATGAP interview?”

“I dunno..,” I said uncertainly, hunched over and wiping the tears from my eyes.

That” was the collective pain of all the women of the world who have ever been objectified. “That” was what Michelle called, me accessing the Collective Consciousness.

It’s an absolutely wonderful experience… and it sucks horribly. … Read more…