A Swift Kick In The Pants

The Backside of Serenity

The Backside of Serenity

APACHE NF, AZ — #Intimate #Technique #Writing

May 12, 2015 2:13 PM

“How much more do you have to write?” Michelle asked, referring to the book I’m quote/unquote working on.

Ugh. I’m still in outline mode. I’ve started writing The Way of Mystical Oneness two other times and nixed both of them because I didn’t like either the tone (too preachy) or the attitude (too confrontational with traditional nondual teachings).

But the previous two attempts aren’t why I haven’t been writing—hell, they’ve helped clarify the tone and attitude I’ve been looking for (humbler, softer and more heart-centric). No, I haven’t been working on the book just because She hasn’t pushed… at least until Michelle’s question.Read more…

The More Wonderful Life Is

The Ponderosa

The Ponderosa

NEAR ALPINE, AZ — #Encounters #Intimate #Radiance #BATGAP

May 9, 2015 1:11 PM

I rolled over and opened my eyes just as the first flakes of snow started to fall. A raven sat on a branch outside my window, eyeing the white dust and fluffed up his feathers. Two other crows sat on branches further away, oddly calm and quiet as the new light glowed softly in the air.

I had a Skype video call with Michelle this morning. Partly to test this location for the BATGAP interview, but also just to connect. Phone and video are so much more personal than emails—much more can be said, much more can be felt. … Read more…

The Power of Regret

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

WHITE RANCH CONSERVATION AREA, MO — #VanDwelling #Writing #Death #Intimate #Remember

April 5, 2015 2:41 PM

It was a pretty camp—lush grass, a clear river, trees fully in bloom—but it looked like rain and it looked like this area floods and it was Missouri after all, so I moved on. Cavalier about my life or not, I wasn’t born with a stupid brain and I knew it wouldn’t allow me to sleep through the night. … Read more…

Divine Guidance

A Tiny Home

A Tiny Home

TALLADEGA, AL — #Intimate

March 30, 2015 5:20 PM

Some excerpts from a dialog with Michelle yesterday:


I would like you to start focusing more on the Intimate quality—on the recognition of Her, on listening to Her, on learning how to know when She’s whispering to you as opposed to your ego/fears talking.


Noticed a stark difference between the energetic reactions between heart and gut. The gut seems more trustworthy to me now. Do you find that your guidance from her tends to correspond to the gut or any other parts of the body?

This is a good question, “How do you know when She’s guiding you? How do you, Wayne, experience the duplex personality?

Just like Michelle, I usually experience Her whispers bodily via the gut, though I’ve never really thought about it this way before.

There seem to be two gut indicators, one quite powerful and the other quite subtle:

  1. When I shouldn’t do something I’m contemplating, I get a very distinct nauseous (nauseated?) feeling in my gut.
  2. When I suddenly find myself doing something I didn’t expect, it is felt as a very subtle “pushing” centered in the gut. This is often accompanied by what sounds like my voice in my head (but aren’t my thoughts) saying to do whatever it is I’m feeling compelled to do: “Turn here. Stop a moment. Go.” I have the option to resist, but I never have since it always feels so right.

I also follow the path of least resistance most of the time, and far more often than not, things tend to work out when I do. This isn’t a “gut whisper” as much as a guiding principle, but it you operate from the assumption that She’s massaging things behind the scenes, then the path of least resistance seems to be Her default way of subtly providing assistance.

I’d love to hear how other people experience “Divine guidance.” To see if a pattern presents itself.

Attached To The Emptiness Quality

Not a No-Thing

Not a No-Thing

TUSKEGEE NF, AL — #Emptiness #Intimate

March 29, 2015 3:08 PM

I just finished the prep work for the second volume of the Mystic’s Journal series (January through March 2015). Amazingly, it shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes to upload Volume II on the morning of April 1. Probably the most time consuming feature of publishing on Amazon will be waiting for Amazon to approve the book and make it available to the public.

We’ve come a long way since I first started writing.

3:13 PM

In thinking about this upcoming interview, I realized last night that probably the most significant thing that sets me apart from most nondual teachers is that I don’t focus on the Emptiness quality.

In advaita (I believe) they stress not to become attached to the siddhis—the magical powers that sometimes manifest in a seeker’s life as he progresses in his spiritual development. Attachment to the siddhis—it is warned—will keep you from progressing further.

Some may criticize me for having fallen into this trap—of being attached to the magic and luck and synchronicities and thereby stunting my development.

I disagree.

I consider the siddhis a component of the Intimate quality of Mystical Oneness (the less there is of you, the more there is of the magic). But the Intimate quality is only one of five qualities that make up Mystical Oneness: The Mortal, EternalRadianceEmptiness, and Intimate.

I like to focus on, and flow between, all these areas of the conscious experience (though I’m not crazy about the Mortal quality).

Ironically, you could say that most nondual teachers—just like they warn not to get attached to the siddhis—have themselves become attached to the Emptiness quality.

Emptiness is practically all they talk about.

It’s understandable, Emptiness is pretty cool, but it’s not the end-all. There’s much more to Life than No-thing.

Dave Revisited

On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront

MELBOURNE, FL — #Emptiness #Encounters #Intimate #MiracleLog #VanDwelling

March 8, 2015 2:19 PM

Hungry after finishing up my weekly tasks, I tossed a couple frozen onion rolls on the dash to warm them in the sun and sought a quiet place to enjoy some lunch. I found a vacant building right on the water, parked behind it and assembled some sandwiches and chips. Plate in hand, I clambered barefoot down to the seawall to watch the sailboats and pelicans and seagulls. The idea of living on a sailboat has its appeal, but I don’t like how much effort it takes to just go for a walk.

As I ate, a pod of porpoises surfaced thirty yards out and three or four pelicans quickly flew over hoping for an easy meal. Just then, as my eyes were fixed on the distant commotion, I was startled by a loud exhalation and caught a glimpse—ten feet off to my left—of a manatee dropping back below the surface and down into the depths.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Dave on his rural property down in Vero Beach. As we walked around the property—a good ten or twenty acres—Dave pointed out the various features and the history behind them. During these tales, the theme of Death and Rebirth—of getting rid of the Old to make way for the New—kept recurring: Of the lifecycle of the fishpond; of the various pieces of equipment no longer needed or desired; of the citrus trees thriving and dying and being replaced.

Eventually he got to what he wanted to tell me about, about how he had thought he was done with the spiritual seeking, had found the End To It All, only to have it re-awoken when we last met. He explained how opening his heart as I had suggested, had brought the Divine from “out there” to “in here” and how he had spent a couple days in complete bliss and union with the Divine/Everything and how he blamed the drinking of a single beer with dropping him out of this wonderful state.

I/She/We explained that “dropping out of it” was inevitable, that something would have knocked him out eventually, and that all he needed was to find a simple exercise that consistently brings him back into that state. I explained that, in my experience, Mystical Oneness is a constant flowing between the various states of contraction (Mortal, Eternal, Radiance, Emptiness, Intimate) and the key is to not cling to any one state.

In describing the Intimate state—the deep, profound sense of Divine union—Dave said, “That is the purpose of life,” and, for the most part, I agree with him. “For the most part” because the purpose of Life is really about happiness, and each person’s unique purpose is to find that which makes them happy.

Before Dave had experienced the Intimate quality, Dave thought that Emptiness—the boundless vast potential—was the thing that brought him the most happiness. He said that he had pushed for the original meeting in order to teach me something, yet ended up learning something far more valuable instead: the state of Divine union.

Dave was visibly much happier than when we had first met.

Death and Rebirth. Out with the Old, in with the New.

As we parted, I/She/We felt the need to pass something on and She placed my hand momentarily on his chest and I felt something pass through my head and out my hand. I offered no explanation, nor did he inquire as to what it was all about and I hopped into the van and drove east to the river, then turned northward as the sun set and the day came to an end.

Relationships: Mystical and Otherwise

An Example of a Fear-based Relationship.

An Example of a Fear-based Relationship.

MELBOURNE, FL — #FourthWall #MyLove #Technique #Intimate

February 16, 2015 9:18 AM

Relationships can be tough, particularly of the human kind.

Here’s a simple Truth:

Love flows and opens. Fear struggles and contracts.

If I’m feeling open, then I’m acting from Love. If I’m feeling contracted, then from Fear.

If my life flows, then I’m on course. If it’s a struggle, then I’m not.

According to Vedanta (according to Deepak Chopra), there are two symptoms of enlightenment: A lack of worry, and an increase in synchronicity.

The open, flowing nature of unconditional Love explains the lack of worry.

Since my main squeeze is TaoGodHer (and She always acts from Love), this makes my life incredibly easy and stress-free. When in doubt, all I have to do is a quick gut-check (Am I feeling open or am I feeling contracted?) and I get instant feedback.

Contrast this stress-free relationship with the chaotic (sometimes breezy, sometimes tumultuous) energy of most human relationships.

Big difference.

For the Mystic in a human relationship, not only do they have to gut-check their own motivations (open or contracted), but they have to guess at their partner’s motivations too: Is their partner acting from Love? or from Fear?

Lucky for you, here’s another simple Truth:

STRESS in any relationship (human or otherwise) means someone is acting from Fear.

The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness

The Light in the Parking Lot

The Light in the Parking Lot

MELBOURNE, FL — #Writing #Intimate

February 6, 2015 10:59 AM

Like quantum particles, patterns form only when observed.

I sat in Panera, outlining Mystical Oneness: The Core Teachings and—so I wouldn’t forget the thought—I opened a new sheet (Ulysses’ term for a document) and tagged it DECIDE so I could find it later. Then I typed:

Where do I discuss SURRENDER? and LISTENING (to Her whispers)? and the DUPLEX PERSONALITY? and effortless FLOWING? and LUCK/SYNCHRONICITY? and EMPATHY (reflected life events, “knowing” what to say/do, guru shows when student is ready, …)?

I sat and looked at these questions.

I sat. I poked around at the book’s outline. I didn’t see where they fit into its structure.

I leaned back and stared and waited.

Then the pattern emerged.

I physically felt a cluck somewhere down in my being as the piece turned and dropped into the puzzle.

These traits represent a unique quality of Mystical Oneness. Just as experiencing life as a Soul is the Eternal Quality and outward flowing Love is the Radiant Quality and unbound Vastness is the Emptiness Quality, these feelings of commingling with… with everything, represent a quality of the lived and experienced state of Mystical Oneness. They represent a form of symbiosisa harmony between the Mystic and Everything Else (the Divine, the World, other people and plants and animals, …).

These traits are patterns of connection. I’ll call this pattern the Connected Quality of Mystical Oneness.

Rationally, nothing has changed. Nothing has been added other than a term.

Yet with that clunk—with the release of some (previously unseen) mental energetic “swirling“—something deeper, something inside, has settled.



Clarity and Certainty.

Nothing’s changed. I’ve been saying this stuff for years: It’s all AND’s; Separate and One; Less of you is more of Her; ….

Still, something has changed.

The Mystic is intimately connected with the archetypical Other.

The Mystic is intimately connected with Absolutely Everything.

12:27 PM

I sat in the van and ate my sandwich and I expanded. My boundaries fell away and I felt the love flowing through me and I felt the shared experience of both the Temporary and the Eternal with all that I looked on and I felt it.

felt the word.

It’s not the Connected Quality. That’s too rational a word.

No, it feels much more than connected—I was focusing on the wrong word in the post above.

It feels intimate.

The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness.