The Witness/Participant Cycle

Preparing For Flight

Preparing For Flight

LOS ALAMOS, NM — #FourthWall #Intimate #Journaling #LivingIt

June 19, 2015 7:13 AM

All personal growth seems to follow a pattern, a cycle between two states:

  • Witness (recognizing and learning something new)
  • Participant (integration and living the newly learned knowledge)

When I advise people to live as a Soul, what I am saying is:

  • Read up on all the evidence of the Soul (witness life as a Soul)
  • Live and act as if you live forever (participate in life as a Soul)

Same with Radiance, read up on the theory (witness it) then bring it to life (participant in it). Ditto Emptiness. … Read more…

Garble. Garble. Garble.

The Interview Site

The Interview Site

NEAR ALPINE, AZ — #Encounters #FourthWall #LivingIt #MiracleLog #BATGAP

May 23, 2015 3:47 PM

After the BATGAP interview, I closed my laptop and stepped outside and stood in the sun and stretched. I thought about the events that conspired against me this morning prior to the interview and smiled with gratitude. She was messing with me, I’m sure—testing my faith, trying to shake me up. … Read more…

Snow and Heaters and Carbon Monoxide Dreaming

The Forest Snow

The Forest Snow

APACHE NF, AZ — #Death #FourthWall #LivingIt #Soul #VanDwelling

May 16, 2015 9:53 AM

I awoke to a few inches of snow on the ground this morning, enough to make a nice, white blanket. Yesterday was a mix of rain and snow, so I stayed inside the van the whole time, grateful for the hightop and the space it provides to move around in.

Running the heater most of yesterday reminded me of something: How my spiritual practice saved my life about six months ago.Read more…

Have I Lived True?

The redhead with the glowing third-eye. Photo by Michelle Martin

The redhead with the glowing third-eye. Photo by Michelle Martin.

NEAR ALPINE, AZ — #LivingIt #MiracleLog #Remember

May 7, 2015 5:10 PM

Have I lived TRUE?

In reading Journey of Souls, what stood out for me was the life review process. We may not know why we chose this life, but knowing that we are going to do a life review of our previous life—that I am going to look back at The Life of Wayne Wirs and ask myself, “Did I live true?”—well, that’s a powerful exercise. … Read more…


The Sentinel of the Bardo Plain

The Sentinel of the Bardo Plain


April 16, 2015 8:08 AM

My buddy Glenn Morrissette seems to be having a bit of an online existential crisis. He’s feeling the need for a clean slate—maybe a new message—but in trying to address his readers’ concerns, he’s finding it difficult to actually impliment it.

Obviously long-time readers know how I dealt with this change of focus: I just created a new blog.

But what exactly changed so much as to deserve the online equivalent of the nuclear option: the change of a domain name? … Read more…

Is SHE Participating In This?

Two Trees Most Distant

Two Trees Most Distant

A PULL-OFF OUTSIDE OF HUTCHINSON, KS — #LivingIt #VanDwelling #Surrender

April 13, 2015 11:16 AM

I said my goodbyes to Michelle yesterday and drove off. As I drove, for the first time in my nomadic life I felt lonely. I have often felt alone—cherishing the solitude—but never lonely.

It’s so rare to find someone who understands you. It’s even rarer when you’re a Mystic. As I said goodbye, I hoped I’d see Michelle again someday. But the truth is I simply don’t know.

… … Read more…

In Harmony With Your Nature

The Ft. McClellan That Was

The Ft. McClellan That Was

NEXT TO TERRAPIN CREEK, AL — #VanDwelling #LivingIt

March 31, 2015 12:10 PM

I drifted northward, avoiding large or divided highways as much as possible. Outside Anniston, I grabbed the first two lane road that caught my fancy and found myself in Ft. McClellan, an Army base closed in 1999. It’s a beautiful place, now home to a local college, apartments, and various government agencies. They’ve transitioned the change from military to civilian use admirably though, maintaining much of the look and feel you expect from a former Army base—well maintained older buildings surrounded by large swatches of open, green spaces.

I’ve been heading north over the last few days in order to meet up with another high school buddy of mine, Doug Coone. In school, Doug and Timmerman were my best friends. Timmerman was the stoic and studious type while Doug was the class clown (and I fell somewhere in between). Of the three of us, I always figured I’d marry first, then Doug, and probably never Timmerman. Turns out I had it exactly backwards.

After years of listening to my praising the wonders and beauty of Latin women, Timmerman finally took my advice and ended up marrying the very first one he went out with. Doug, on the other hand (and as a complete surprise to both myself and practically everyone who knew him) announced last year that he was gay, then promptly got married just as soon as Alabama ratified gay marriage. Who would have thought?

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been heading north, to meet up with Doug and his new husband, Dakota, tomorrow for lunch. Of course tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day—and Doug being the clown that he is—well, who knows what to expect?

Seeing as this will probably be the last entry of the Winter 2015 edition of A Mystic’s Journal, I’ll close on a note about human feelings…

No matter how much we would like to, we can’t control how we feel. We can control how we act on those feelings, but we can’t control the feelings themselves. To try to control our feelings is not only futile and unhealthy, but it is inauthentic.

It’s a shame (but understandable, particularly living in the heart of the Bible Belt) that Doug spent over 50 years “in the closet,” but I’m glad he’s out now—that he’s happy and gay and living openly as he’s always wished to.

That’s really the goal of the spiritual quest, isn’t it? To live true to who and what we are—to live fearlessly and authentically and in harmony with our core nature.

Two Birthdays

Two Horses of a Different Color

Two Horses of a Different Color

TUSKEGEE NF, AL — #LivingIt #Surrender #FourthWall #BATGAP

March 28, 2015 2:28 PM

Today marks both my mother’s and St. Teresa of Avila’s birthdays. Though my Mom’s a little younger, St. Teresa would be 500 years old today. Happy birthday Mom.

St. Teresa, like the great Mystics Meister Eckhart and St. John of the Crosssought to dissolve herself into the Divine—to achieve a mystical union with God through the surrender of the Self.

I don’t care how enlightened anyone claims to be, the subtle self archetypes (self-concern, self-interest, self-will) are a bear to let go of in the real world, so St. Teresa rates way up on my list of personal heroes in her quest to do so.

In filling out some of the BATGAP forms, one of the questions was which of these categories I’d like to be listed under, with the option of suggesting new ones. Along with some existing ones, I suggested two new categories: Mystics, and Applied Spiritual (versus the existing Academic Spiritual). Mystics is obvious, but I suggested Applied Spiritual because it is only in applying spiritual teachings—to living them—that any serious growth occurs.

Self-concern. Self-interest. Self-will. Recognizing these archetypes is easy (academic). Dropping them (applied)? Not so much. Paradoxically though, there are some serious rewards in store for those who do:

The less there is of you, the more there is of TaoGodHer.