December 13, 2014

Flying in a Tiny Plane

Flying in a Tiny Plane

MELBOURNE, FL #LivingIt … and flying and the lack of contraction.

4:14 PM

My brother Jeff came up for an overnight visit. He said he’d like my travel trailer, so I’ll sign that over to him and be rid of it. I’ll donate the clothes and personal stuff that I had stored in it when I hit the road in Serenity last year.

I also got he and Mom to sit down and discuss Mom and Dad’s future living arrangements and to address her concerns. Though no firm plan is in place, at least we have a general plan (they will live close to each other after Jeff retires in July) and any contingencies worked out. Hopefully that will help ease Mom’s mind.

Before Jeff flew back to Coral Springs, we went for a flight in his little plane. It’s very cool to see the world from this perspective.

Nothing much to report on the spiritual front except that being around family hasn’t contracted me to the point of the ego/personal self. There’s mostly just this thing thinking and functioning (still a Self) but no egoic contraction—something I would often involuntarily revert to in the first few years after the initial awakening. Family is the toughest test of your spiritual development, so this no-contraction is a very positive sign.