November 28, 2014

COE Camp

COE Camp

COE CAMP, DEMOPOLIS, AL #Radiance #MyLove #VanDwelling

1:17 PM

I would have stayed longer at the Jeff Busby camp but I ran out of propane this morning and it’s too cold at night to be without it, so I moved as soon as I realized the heater wasn’t heating.

Again, while driving, I practiced seeing Her as a living entity—a single life force within everything. When my mind would drift into the me-me-me self concerns (Where will I find propane? Where will I find a camp? …) I would see these thoughts as a single dark living thing (Her unconscious) and I would stop “feeding” it as soon as I realized I was doing just that. The key was to not focus on any details, but just to see that my attention was either on the Light entity (life force) or on the Dark entity (egoic concerns).

Powerful stuff, especially when I pull away the Radiant portal. This might be some kind of turning point.

1:27 PM

I’m “camped” at a Corps of Engineers park. It’s ambiguous if it’s legal to camp here. Online it says “Yes,” but the only physical signage is about the boat ramp and a day-use area—no mention of camping. Still, whenever I find ambiguity, I tend to error on the side of risk/reward rather than caution/fear.

I love COE parks. They are almost always right on the water.

November 21, 2014

I Want To Believe - Agent Mulder

I Want To Believe – Agent Mulder

EAST OF ROSWELL, NM #Soul #Radiance #Emptiness … and a simplified view.

7:40 AM

In letting go of the personal, what is left? The transpersonal: The Soul (Eternal), Love (Radiance), the Source (Emptiness).

Years ago I let go of the higher personal—the ego story. Now my practice is to let go of the lower personalself-concern.

Seeing it this way simplifies things for me. Surrendering to God is very abstract, yet surrendering self-concern is very concrete. Ultimately they are the same thing. The less there is of self-concern, the more there is of the Divine within.