A Mystic’s Guide To Spiritual Harmony

Dawn At Cinder Hills

Dawn At Cinder Hills

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #BATGAP #Technique #Writing

June 10, 2015 9:48 AM

After yesterday’s post, I drove into town and found an artsy, locally-owned coffee shop where I spent the morning pulling in blog posts to serve as real-world examples for The Way of Mystical Oneness.

Though it was never my intention when I started blogging, I am so grateful for keeping up with it all these years. Not only does the blog provide a wealth of information for the book, but as I mentioned in the BATGAP interviewblogging basically forced me to integrate the absolute truth (unity) with the relative truth (the manifest world). In a very real way, the blog acts as an online diary slash public confessional. When one blogs day in and day out, you simply can’t keep your spiritual aspect (absolute truth) separate from your physical aspect (relative truth) because you are constantly “confessing” your day-to-day actions to the public. … Read more…

Two New Things

Stand-in Lotus

Stand-in Lotus

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — #Emptiness #Radiance #Technique #Writing

June 5, 2015 11:59 AM

I started two new things recently. I don’t know if they are related. I’ve started writing the book (again) and started meditating (again).

I’ve started writing because it’s time and it feels right, but I’ve started meditating again because I was inspired by some of the testimonials to TM (I’m not affiliated with them or advocating them) and re-realized how a regular meditation practice helps ground a spiritual life. … Read more…

A Swift Kick In The Pants

The Backside of Serenity

The Backside of Serenity

APACHE NF, AZ — #Intimate #Technique #Writing

May 12, 2015 2:13 PM

“How much more do you have to write?” Michelle asked, referring to the book I’m quote/unquote working on.

Ugh. I’m still in outline mode. I’ve started writing The Way of Mystical Oneness two other times and nixed both of them because I didn’t like either the tone (too preachy) or the attitude (too confrontational with traditional nondual teachings).

But the previous two attempts aren’t why I haven’t been writing—hell, they’ve helped clarify the tone and attitude I’ve been looking for (humbler, softer and more heart-centric). No, I haven’t been working on the book just because She hasn’t pushed… at least until Michelle’s question.Read more…

Communing With My Muse

Seen From My Easy Chair

Seen From My Easy Chair

GILA NF, NM — #Writing #VanDwelling

April 22, 2015 1:32 PM

I’ve found a nice camp nestled within some ponderosa pines, but I’m not going to stay here long. It’s within 50 yards of a paved road leading to a popular lake… which translates to more traffic and less privacy than I prefer.

I’ve not re-started the book yet simply because I want to commune more deeply with my Muse. Where I was going wrong before, was that I was writing too much from my head and not enough from within—not enough with Her. Every artist knows that their best work comes from their Muse, so this time spent together should be beneficial.

Which brings me to an idea I’ve been kicking around for over a year now: of starting a mobile artist colony. For whatever reason, I’m not as drawn to “creating in solitude” as I once was, and it would be nice to be surrounded by other creatives—other artists (and artist wannabes) who wish to awaken and nurture their Muse within.

We’ll see. Maybe I’m just procrastinating.

The Felt Sense Of Self

Dry Grass in the Morning Light

Dry Grass in the Morning Light

JOE SKEEN CAMPGROUND, NM — #Emptiness #Encounters #Radiance #Writing

April 21, 2015 7:25 AM

This spot isn’t going to do it. Not that there’s anything wrong with it—it’s a free, developed campground with a decent Signal—but it just doesn’t feel right for writing. Am I procrastinating again? I dunno, but I think I’ll move on.

From the Vastness, there is no center to “You.” There is a point where everything is seen from, but the sense of self seems to be missing, it’s expanded to infinity so there seems to be no felt centuralized location for it. … Read more…

The Power of Regret

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

WHITE RANCH CONSERVATION AREA, MO — #VanDwelling #Writing #Death #Intimate #Remember

April 5, 2015 2:41 PM

It was a pretty camp—lush grass, a clear river, trees fully in bloom—but it looked like rain and it looked like this area floods and it was Missouri after all, so I moved on. Cavalier about my life or not, I wasn’t born with a stupid brain and I knew it wouldn’t allow me to sleep through the night. … Read more…

Buddha at the Gas Pump?

My Former Cavernous Home

My Former Cavernous Home

MELBOURNE, FL — #Writing #MiracleLog #BATGAP

March 12, 2015 3:46 PM

I received a very short email yesterday:

Website: www.batgap.com
Would you like to set up an interview in May? Dates open as of now are May 16 or 23

I wonder how they found me? I’ve never contacted them before.

I’m a little conflicted about this. On the one hand, Buddha at the Gas Pump is pretty big in the nondual world.

On the other, I never listen to nondual teacher interviews since I find them pretty boring (You’re everything. You’re nothing. You’re everything. You’re nothing…).

Add to that, I’ve never done a video call over the MiFi device (the 4g hotspot I use to get online) so I don’t know if I can even do a video interview. I guess if it’s too slow for video, I could call in.

On another note, sort of, I’ve been thinking a lot about that teaching versus sharing perspective. Marc Gilson of Mind Chatter Magazine once said, “[Wayne] is not a guru or a teacher. He is an explorer, a field man more than an academic.” That was back in the 2005. Seems my nature hasn’t changed that much, so the more I think about it, the more the sharing attitude feels right.

Which means I’ll need to re-do the tone of the book-in-progress.


Ducks Askew

Ducks Askew

MELBOURNE, FL — #Journaling #Writing

March 11, 2015 12:50 PM

In the morning, the windshields of the cars are coated with dew, the cool glass condensing the thick moisture straight out of the heavy air. With the humidity so high, the mornings are often more uncomfortable than the afternoons as the water vapor rises from the ground, soaking your clothes… sort of like rain in reverse.

As I put on my shark’s tooth necklace, given to me by my mother, I thought of my father’s much larger necklace and thought of how he should give it to my older brother Jeff. Jeff then, as his time neared, could pass it onto his son, Michael. A legacy through the generations.

Following this train of thought, I wondered if I’m subconsciously writing the Mystical Oneness book as some form of posterity—as a way to be remembered after I’m gone.

Why am I writing it? For money? For posterity? For hope?

Dave told me the other day that I shouldn’t think of holding talks as teaching, but as sharing. That’s an excellent perspective: To think of this blog and the book as sharing.

Why sharing? Because sharing is intimate and transparent and personal. Like relating. As in relationship.

I’m writing the book (and this blog) because I want others to experience the relationship I have—the relationship all Mystic’s have—the intimate commingling with the Divine.

The book’s not for posterity. It’s for love.

The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness

The Light in the Parking Lot

The Light in the Parking Lot

MELBOURNE, FL — #Writing #Intimate

February 6, 2015 10:59 AM

Like quantum particles, patterns form only when observed.

I sat in Panera, outlining Mystical Oneness: The Core Teachings and—so I wouldn’t forget the thought—I opened a new sheet (Ulysses’ term for a document) and tagged it DECIDE so I could find it later. Then I typed:

Where do I discuss SURRENDER? and LISTENING (to Her whispers)? and the DUPLEX PERSONALITY? and effortless FLOWING? and LUCK/SYNCHRONICITY? and EMPATHY (reflected life events, “knowing” what to say/do, guru shows when student is ready, …)?

I sat and looked at these questions.

I sat. I poked around at the book’s outline. I didn’t see where they fit into its structure.

I leaned back and stared and waited.

Then the pattern emerged.

I physically felt a cluck somewhere down in my being as the piece turned and dropped into the puzzle.

These traits represent a unique quality of Mystical Oneness. Just as experiencing life as a Soul is the Eternal Quality and outward flowing Love is the Radiant Quality and unbound Vastness is the Emptiness Quality, these feelings of commingling with… with everything, represent a quality of the lived and experienced state of Mystical Oneness. They represent a form of symbiosisa harmony between the Mystic and Everything Else (the Divine, the World, other people and plants and animals, …).

These traits are patterns of connection. I’ll call this pattern the Connected Quality of Mystical Oneness.

Rationally, nothing has changed. Nothing has been added other than a term.

Yet with that clunk—with the release of some (previously unseen) mental energetic “swirling“—something deeper, something inside, has settled.



Clarity and Certainty.

Nothing’s changed. I’ve been saying this stuff for years: It’s all AND’s; Separate and One; Less of you is more of Her; ….

Still, something has changed.

The Mystic is intimately connected with the archetypical Other.

The Mystic is intimately connected with Absolutely Everything.

12:27 PM

I sat in the van and ate my sandwich and I expanded. My boundaries fell away and I felt the love flowing through me and I felt the shared experience of both the Temporary and the Eternal with all that I looked on and I felt it.

felt the word.

It’s not the Connected Quality. That’s too rational a word.

No, it feels much more than connected—I was focusing on the wrong word in the post above.

It feels intimate.

The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness.