The Developing Sense Of “Me”

She Watches

She Watches

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June 26, 2015 9:13 AM

Over the last week or so, there’s been a new “sense of me” gradually developing. As the Mystic’s Dilemma moves from my head into my heart, the inner-most layer of “me” is taking on a much softer, happier, loving quality. Indeed, when I’m not lost in thoughts or experiences, all I feel is Love (which leads to the happier, softer inner feeling).

Years ago, I wrote a post, Love is God, in which I pointed out that everyone who has experienced love has experienced the Divine within. This new, developing “sense of me” is much like that—but also much deeper. The Love is not just the Divine, but TaoGodHer-and-I as one and separate things. Obviously this can’t be fully understood rationally, but nonetheless, that’s how I/She/We are starting to feel inside.

It’s almost as if my perspective is changing from “I feel/experience Her moving through me sometimes” to “She experiences Herself (as the many individual things) through me-this-individual-thing.” A unified but separate sense of She/We/I.

She/We/I are becoming much more integrated (entwined, enmeshed, blended, …) than ever before.

Since Love is God, Love (for Herself as the “ten thousand things“) is becoming much more predominant in my life. She sees out these eyes and loves everything (because She’s seeing Herself from this Wayne-thing’s perspective) and I simultaneously experience Her doing this, so I naturally feel the love She’s feeling.

It sounds confusing, but it’s really quite serene and wonderful.

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