The Doomsday Report

The Doomsday Report

The Doomsday Report

MELBOURNE, FL — #Death #MyLove #MiracleLog

February 19, 2015 9:47 AM

Yesterday, somehow, I found myself reading this Doomsday report, which presents a dozen well researched scenarios that sadly supports my not so secret theory that Mankind is doomed to kill himself off.

Of the twelve threats listed on the report, only two of them are naturally occurring. The rest are all man-made.

It isn’t a pleasant report, and since it was designed as a warning—a call-to-action—it isn’t meant to be.

In reading the report, I also stumbled across something called the Fermi Paradox (Why isn’t the galaxy overflowing with intelligent life when probability says it should be?). One of the answers comes to the same conclusion I came to: Man, as a whole, is not morally capable of handling the technology he’s developed.

The Mystic sees all Life as an interconnected Whole. As this report suggests, so do many scientists. The problem is, the world isn’t run by Mystics and scientists.

Politicians, government leaders, warlords—the few with the power over the many—seem to see civilization through an us-against-them worldview. An aggressive, combative philosophy (me-me-me-me-me) of viewing the world that is literally killing us.

The Fermi Paradox suggests that this may be the ultimate test of a species’ worth—a naturally occurring check valve which keeps self-centeredness from running too far astray. Sort of a God Test if you will:

Is Mankind spiritually worthy of survival?

At this moment, we’re obviously not.

10:24 AM

communed with Her. I allowed the shaft of Light to penetrate my head, dissolve my body and expand outward and I thought about what I had written above.

I was surprised when I clearly heard TaoGodHer:

There’s hope. Not for Mankind, it’s too late for that, but I never die. Life will be born on other planets and grow and progress and be tested. Eventually we’ll progress beyond the personal self.

She never dies. We never die. Life may end on this planet, but we’ll just come back on another. Life is eternal and time is irrelevant. Worlds and civilizations come and go. Sort of the cyclical nature of tides on an eternal, universal scale.

Note: Quoting the Divine is the sign of a crazy man, so take this simply as my belief—the belief of a crazy man—and feel free to disregard. This is just a personal journal after all—the ramblings of a man no longer entirely normal.

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One thought on “The Doomsday Report

  1. great question! i see humanity as an existential experiment, a biological simulation if you will. from a mystical perspective, human being form is just a temporal expression (construct) of our 3D experience filtered thru our collective and individual mind. Forms keep changing, and perhaps if physical form “survives” their egoic illusion, then that civilization has a chance to evolve into some other form or light or energy or pure consciousness or something we cannot even comprehend yet.
    it’s all very exciting to witness as a detached observer, i’m sure “god” is curious of the outcome as much as us, since we are….

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