The Felt Sense Of Self

Dry Grass in the Morning Light

Dry Grass in the Morning Light

JOE SKEEN CAMPGROUND, NM — #Emptiness #Encounters #Radiance #Writing

April 21, 2015 7:25 AM

This spot isn’t going to do it. Not that there’s anything wrong with it—it’s a free, developed campground with a decent Signal—but it just doesn’t feel right for writing. Am I procrastinating again? I dunno, but I think I’ll move on.

From the Vastness, there is no center to “You.” There is a point where everything is seen from, but the sense of self seems to be missing, it’s expanded to infinity so there seems to be no felt centuralized location for it.

From Radiance, the center of “You” (in my experience) hovers around the chest area. Like Vastness, there is a point where everything is seen from (just inside your head), but your felt center is lower—closer to your heart.

An odd thing happened to me when I was sitting next to Michelle last week. We were sitting side by side at an outdoor cafe and I noticed that my center was hovering just outside my left shoulder—hovering in mid-air somewhere between Michelle and I (though closer to my body, not hers).

I don’t think this is something rare or odd, I just think it is something that we don’t notice very often:

  • A young child looks up at you with innocent eyes and smiles. Your center feels as if it moves toward them.
  • A mother’s baby is in another room. The mother’s center often hovers somewhere between the two.
  • Lovers often feel a “merging” when they contemplate the other—their “center” doesn’t shift physically as much as it merges and commingles with their lover on some sort of emotional/mental plane.

I mention the above—the felt sense of our core self—because I awoke this morning thinking about artificial intelligence (for whatever reason).

AI will never have that felt sense of self. AI is just a long string of lifeless lines of code.

Computer scientists (and many laymen) often confuse thoughts (lifeless lines of code) with the Self. That’s just ego-centric projection. It’s like saying the Sun and stars revolve around the Earth. Since most people haven’t separated their sense of self (their felt center) from their thoughts (me-me-me), this is a natural unquestioned assumption—even if it is completely wrong.

Those lifeless lines of code in your head? Hortons. Every last one of them. They have nothing to do with what you are, with your center, with your core being… with the I LOVE experience felt before the Hortons take over and start shouting.

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