The I LOVE Practice

The Easily Overlooked

The Easily Overlooked

MONICA SPRING, NM — #Technique #Radiance #Remember #VanDwelling

April 26, 2015 10:50 AM

The owls call to each other as the sun rises. The wind picks up and the sound, like a truck rumbling on a dirt road, causes me to look out the window expectantly for a ranger. But no, it is just the wind.

Far from civilization, I’ve not seen another soul for two days and the grip of human interaction eases as the connection with Nature—with God Herself—becomes more intimate and spontaneous.

I sit in the van’s doorway and drink my morning coffee as a robin hops along the ground, attentively watching for this morning’s breakfast. Another bird, invisible to me, sings her song, pauses as she listens for her mate, then sings again.

I LOVE. I practice this as often as I remember now. The more I practice, the more I feel it. And the more I feel it, the quieter the mind becomes.

It’s a simple practice, one that can be done anywhere at any time. When my eyes are open, I allow them to fall upon something on their own. They are attracted to some object—a tree, a rock, a blade of grass—but before my mind can kick in and start categorizing and naming and judging the object, I get in touch with the initial attraction itself—with the feel of it: I LOVE.

I LOVE + “the way that sapling stands alone, yearning to reach the sky.”

I LOVE + “the robin hopping along.”

I LOVE + (some inevitable noise from my mind).

I LOVE. I LOVE. I LOVE. Over and over and over.

I LOVE: This is my practice.

When my eyes are closed in meditation or in bed, I watch for whatever my attention is drawn to, and again—before my mind can categorize the feeling or sound—I get in touch with the feel of the attraction itself: I LOVE.

I LOVE + “the feel of these sheets.”

I LOVE + “the hooting of the owl.”

I LOVE + (the mind kicking in to categorize, identity, raise hopes or fears).

I LOVE + (a bunch of Hortons).

When I’m not feeling I LOVE, it is because I am taking the second part of the equation—my thoughts—way too seriously.

I LOVE: It’s who we are when we remove all the inner noise.

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