The Insufferable Mind

Taming Wild Things

Taming Wild Things

MELBOURNE, FL — #NoSelf #FourthWall #Remember

February 14, 2015 8:37 AM

Three questions/answers from yesterday morning are swirling in my head as I write this:

  1. Is it possible for I/Consciousness to CONTROL the mind?
  2. What are the implications of Consciousness not controlling the mind?
  3. How can the Self let go of the Self?

I pretty much know the answer to #1: Nothing seems to control the mind CONSISTENTLY. Mind can be controlled for short periods of time (by meditation, visualizations, media manipulation, drama, …) but not consistently by one’s “self.”

And that brings up #2: Whatever the person’s sense of self is (mind, ego, Soul, Love, Emptiness, No-Self) it (the self) doesn’t consistently control thoughts.

What are the implications of this?


[Note to readers: Ironically (since I’m writing/thinking it) this is getting too dense for me. If you agree, scroll down to just above the quote below.]

The mind can’t be controlled, but it can be convinced. Facts and evidence and repeated experiences (ie: gravity), convince the mind to believe—and what the mind believes influences its content (thoughts).

Sort of…

What the mind believes influences its values (which may or may not influence the mind’s thoughts).

For example, this morning, as a simple test, I tried to visualize the Light column in the dark room (“I found myself in a large, dark, circular room, illuminated by a single column of light in its center.”). Within seconds, my mind drifted to random images: a vague rodent-like shadow, a wire running through the dark room, a beach, … and suddenly the room and the Light column were gone.

I tried again, and again, and again… with similar results.

These images had nothing to do with beliefs, just random crap the mind dumps out. Random crap that—try as I might—I had no conscious control of.


My values (what I feel is important) are directly influenced by my beliefs. For example: I know (which means “deeply believe“) that Consciousness does not blink out at death (Soul) and thus I hold less value for my physical life and all its inherent drama than most people do. My beliefs influence my values but not so much the contents of my mind (my thoughts).

My beliefs are built and strengthened through facts, evidence, and repeated experiences.

Yuck. This stuff is way too rational, way too dry for me. Let’s just cut to the chase:

I would like to deeply believe (via facts, evidence and repeated experience) the following:

I have no control of my mind. It is full of crap. I need not be concerned with it anymore.

And deeply believing this is probably the solution to #3 (dropping the subtle Self contraction).

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3 thoughts on “The Insufferable Mind

  1. Hi Wayne,
    My question after reading your post is why exactly would you like to control the mind. Is it therapeutic (too much mental noise)? Or is it that by controlling the mind you expect to change the outcomes? If its the latter I dont think it works that way, at least in my search I couldnt find a connection between what one thinks and what is going to happen. Thoughts/ mind are just a function. Maybe in time you can change your mindset, ie have more happy thoughts, no more fear and no more worrying and all that. That is achievable. But that just changes how you relate to life and not life itself.

    Also, its the mind that is looking to change the mind. The trick is that at the end of the search, when mind found out what it needs to know in order to ‘transcend’ itself, it needs to shut up, to go numb, and somehow you need to start SEEING what until that point you KNEW. Reason will take you to the gate but it will have to be discarded in order to step through
    Thats how the self can let go of the self, by seeing self as a construct, something not real.
    At least thats how my experience was.

  2. The more you align your thoughts and actions with the Devine the less the mind scatters. The mind becomes content with the present moment.

  3. My mind is the only “thing” subject to my will. Insight, intuition, realization arise through the soul. The soul is the seed of union between self and Deity. Consciousness supersedes mind.

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