The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness

The Light in the Parking Lot

The Light in the Parking Lot

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February 6, 2015 10:59 AM

Like quantum particles, patterns form only when observed.

I sat in Panera, outlining Mystical Oneness: The Core Teachings and—so I wouldn’t forget the thought—I opened a new sheet (Ulysses’ term for a document) and tagged it DECIDE so I could find it later. Then I typed:

Where do I discuss SURRENDER? and LISTENING (to Her whispers)? and the DUPLEX PERSONALITY? and effortless FLOWING? and LUCK/SYNCHRONICITY? and EMPATHY (reflected life events, “knowing” what to say/do, guru shows when student is ready, …)?

I sat and looked at these questions.

I sat. I poked around at the book’s outline. I didn’t see where they fit into its structure.

I leaned back and stared and waited.

Then the pattern emerged.

I physically felt a cluck somewhere down in my being as the piece turned and dropped into the puzzle.

These traits represent a unique quality of Mystical Oneness. Just as experiencing life as a Soul is the Eternal Quality and outward flowing Love is the Radiant Quality and unbound Vastness is the Emptiness Quality, these feelings of commingling with… with everything, represent a quality of the lived and experienced state of Mystical Oneness. They represent a form of symbiosisa harmony between the Mystic and Everything Else (the Divine, the World, other people and plants and animals, …).

These traits are patterns of connection. I’ll call this pattern the Connected Quality of Mystical Oneness.

Rationally, nothing has changed. Nothing has been added other than a term.

Yet with that clunk—with the release of some (previously unseen) mental energetic “swirling“—something deeper, something inside, has settled.



Clarity and Certainty.

Nothing’s changed. I’ve been saying this stuff for years: It’s all AND’s; Separate and One; Less of you is more of Her; ….

Still, something has changed.

The Mystic is intimately connected with the archetypical Other.

The Mystic is intimately connected with Absolutely Everything.

12:27 PM

I sat in the van and ate my sandwich and I expanded. My boundaries fell away and I felt the love flowing through me and I felt the shared experience of both the Temporary and the Eternal with all that I looked on and I felt it.

felt the word.

It’s not the Connected Quality. That’s too rational a word.

No, it feels much more than connected—I was focusing on the wrong word in the post above.

It feels intimate.

The Intimate Quality of Mystical Oneness.

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