The Making Of Skillful Sailors

Exploring The Edges

Exploring The Edges

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May 31, 2015 8:28 AM

I awoke last night with the thought, “Why don’t people share my work?” Like a fool, I had glanced at the Batgap home page before I went to bed and saw my interview had a grand total of six Facebook shares. Even taking into account only being listed for a week, I figured that if people liked my interview as much as the previous guest, I should have at least 25.

Funny how the mind works in the middle of the night.

Moments later (we’re talking 2:30 in the morning), my phone “dinged” and I saw the following comment from Jacklyn had just been posted:

I loved the interview, too. I think I’ve watched every batgap interview and yours was one of my favorites. I love that you are genuine and sincere. And I’m really glad that the interview led me here. I find your musings very uplifting. Thank you.

There’s a saying, “Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors.”

That thought in the middle of the night, “Why don’t people share my work?” (Facebook likes do nothing but stroke the author’s ego, shares are what generate interest from others) is an indicator of what I call a spiritual knot. If it had been daytime and I had been wide awake, my Eternal quality would have responded with, “Big picture… who cares? It’s just a tiny pixel on a wall of 4K screens.” The Radiant quality would say, “Love them. Don’t expect anything from them, just love them.” And my Emptiness quality would have said, “Look at that thought! How powerful it seems, and yet, it’s nothing but mental noise spinning around inside your head. You experience it, you’re not it.”

But because I had been asleep and the unconscious had been gnawing on the thought which woke me up, that tells me that there’s still some self-concern archetype lodged deep down inside that still hasn’t been fully transcended.

As (I think) I mentioned in the Batgap interview, I use Life as my main source of practice and feedback… and I recommend others do the same. The smart have their books, but the wise have their scars.

And the serendipitous “coincidence” of Jacklyn’s comment arriving mere moments after awakening to that irritating thought—a message reassuring me that I’m on the right track?

Well, magical, ongoing, everyday synchronicity is just a wonderful and welcome bonus of the spiritual path. Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors, but when times are tough, it’s nice to know “someone’s” got you back.

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14 thoughts on “The Making Of Skillful Sailors

  1. I am an old lady in the vicinity of Lawrence, KS, who has fallen in love with you. I, too, am – shall we say – a bit eccentric. Before I watched the Batgap interview, I read several months of your blog, and was stunned. Stunned by your process, your transparency, your humor and good nature, your inner radiance, your intelligence, and your magnificent photos. As a new blog subscriber, I share this now in the light of your having expressed concern that few people heard you. Those who hear and understand will be few and far between, as you surely know. Cast your pearls, Wayne! SHE will see that they are received by those who need to receive them. Like me. I intend to take you up on the Skype offer someday. In the meantime, I’ll try to decide what to disclose about my own path, and what questions I might have to ask you.

  2. LOL, gotta love the unconscious! How deep of consciousness without the other mysterious side. I’ve learned to appreciate and LOVE my unconscious, it has sooo many interesting secrets to reveal, and serendipitous surprises! 😉
    “Big picture… who cares? It’s just a tiny pixel on a wall of 4K screens.”
    — Oh that’s good! I don’t have FB, but I’ll tweet you on this, for what it’s worth.
    I do enjoy u’r Wir-isms, they’re quite catchy! 🙂

  3. PS: Even if I had a Facebook page, I would not “share”. I do not personally know a single person who would have the slightest idea of what it is all about!

  4. Thought on this, practically:

    Looking at the Batgap page on Facebook, I don’t see many interviews posted. Mostly other sorts of links. Where is it even on Facebook? Your page?
    The audio podcast was just distributed this weekend. A lot more people will listen to the audio,especially during commutes, etc.
    Way before the interview I tried sharing your blog with a few friends who I thought would be interested in your kind of spirituality… For some reason they liked it at times but never became followers. I don’t get it.

    • The Share button I was referring to was at the bottom of this page: (and on Batgap’s home page). People use that (at least I do) to determine which interviews to listen to. Not a big deal, this post was more about how to deal with taking the noise in the mind too seriously rather than anything else.

  5. I also wish I were more comfortable sharing you publically, I only don’t because my parents are on Facebook. They don’t really do twitter, so I shared on Twitter… You have a hashtag with my one tweet lol. 😛

  6. One last thought. Videos are shareable, but podcasts are not as shareable. Most people would rather listen to a two hour audio someone shared with them (unless they are already batgap fans) than a two hour video. It’s an inherent problem with podcasting.

    I know the point of this post wasn’t the logistics of this… But I wanted to raise those points.

  7. Dude I thought your interview was one of the best and my friend did too, your just as goofy as me if you are worried about how popular you are.

  8. I received a link to your batgap site. I have started letting go of suffering (“seeing Reality) about 3 weeks ago; with the guidance of a “regular” person (like you) who has lived this way for seven years. Such grace and gratitude…..indeed!! I also discovered a “meetup” website with others. One week ago. Adyashanti was who I listened to (after 30 yrs of seeking and some “special effects” experiences.) Adya still seemed special. That this wouldn’t happen in this life to me was my conclusion. Keep it up. People who are more open to a “regular guy ” who lives this, with transparency (!) , will find you. I know I will share your website with others; who are “ready”; to drop their judgments, beliefs, etc. to allow themselves to experience life as it was meant to be experienced. That’s really all it is. Simplicity at its richest. Keep going. :-))))

  9. I share you in a more personal way. On my facebook page, I quote something you have written that strikes a particularly deep chord in me and provide a link to mystics journal. I think it piques people’s curiosity to come and explore. A Share can come across like an advertisement on my page. A genuine share feels more like “Oh, look who/what I have found, folks!” I wrote two brief posts ABOUT you. My friends want to know what my experience of you was like. Does that clarify any?

  10. Wayne, if you would like, please friend me on FB. Then you can read what I quote that especially resonates. <3

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