The Rare = Valuable Assumption

The Empty (but not very practical) Window

The Empty (but not very practical) Window

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May 26, 2015 7:46 AM

Note: I’m going to slip into “teacher/theory mode” for a few posts (sorry), because the BATGAP interview inspired some insights. I’ve gone back and tagged posts relating to the interview, “BATGAP“, for easy reference.

I’ve mentioned previously about why my message comes across so differently than many nondual teachers. Another, more obvious, reason is that I don’t focus exclusively on the Emptiness/Vastness quality.

Which begs the question, “Why do so many nondual teachers focus on Emptiness?”

My theory (my belief):

  1. Emptiness is rare, since so few people realize it deep down.
  2. Being rare, it is valuable.
  3. Being valuable, people desire it.

The assumption though, is #2: Rare = Valuable.

Imagine a beautiful brook, flowing next to a meadow up on Mt. Hood in Oregon. In the brook, two objects stick out of the water: a bar of solid gold and a large stone. A frog, cold from the water and seeking warmth, comes up to the bar of gold, climbs on and, because it is slippery and cold, hops over to the nice warm stone.

The frog could care less about gold being rare. Why? Because he doesn’t have thoughts. He only cares about what is useful (the warmth of the stone).

The frog doesn’t want to possess the gold, doesn’t want to horde it or claim it as his own. He just wants something useful (warm).

believe that one of the reasons that most nondual teachers—and most nondual students—focus on the Vastness is because it is rare and thus seen as valuable. I certainly did during both my seeking years and the few years after the awakening. I simply never questioned the assumption. I didn’t even know I was making an assumption (kinda the definition of assumption, but there you go).

The Emptiness/Vastness quality—once you become proficient at it—is very useful at breaking the tenacious grip of thoughts, but since it is so difficult (luck/grace?) to become proficient at it, it isn’t all that practical for most people.

Far more useful, far more practical, and far easier to become proficient in, are the Eternal and Radiant qualities. Anyone can become proficient in these areas.

Do you want the experience of living forever? Practice living as a Soul.

Do you want to feel bliss and unconditional love? Practice living in Radiance.

(Note: Some practices can be found under the Eternal and Radiance links.)

Do you want to experience the wonder and beauty of the Divine participating in your life (Intimate quality)? Become proficient in the Eternal and Radiant qualities and it will naturally happen (the less there is of you, the more there is of Her).

Emptiness does not bring you bliss (you get that from Radiance). Emptiness feels good—unity with everything feels very good—but it isn’t all that practical. Emptiness is just a single quality of Mystical Oneness, not the end-all of it.

Still, Emptiness is rare, so people (but certainly not frog masters) are naturally drawn to it. It’s perfectly understandable.

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7 thoughts on “The Rare = Valuable Assumption

  1. Seems to be confusion out there between vastness and emptyness. Vastness is beyond emptyness. Beyond existance. You don’t have to be proficient at it but just realize it once in a lifetime. How? Trust.
    Vastness / Awareness / God is all there is. Full of unactualized knowing.
    The “I Am”
    When that is “known” and brought into us thru the heart, that is Bliss.
    That is when the Real reality is realized. There is no fear because fear is not available. It does not exist. Neither does criticism / projection into future, or stress. Things observed just are. Including egos, mind, good, evil. Things “are” becuase of awareness like fragrance is because of a flower. Awareness seems to be good with that, even not knowing why itself but just knowing that’s the way it is.
    Come to find out, the intelligence that pervades all of existence is perfectly capable of getting you to work on time without “you”. Who knew?

  2. When I tasted the emptiness last year, it was inspirational and de-inspiring in many ways. I felt that there was no point to trying to do anything. This was probably due in pa45 to the incompleteness and the immaturity of my perspective, but from the way you talk about it, maybe emptiness is inherently kind of useless…though I’m interested to see how you respond to Dave.

  3. I don’t usually like to post comments (because they won’t show up in the book), but…

    Dave and I have often talked about this—about the vocabulary. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I’m pretty sure we are in agreement. What he is calling “vastness” is what I call “Mystical Oneness.” I break it all down into various qualities so people can practice and understand them individually, while Dave (again I believe) is talking about the whole. Seen that way, you can see we’re in agreement.

  4. Hi Michelle. What Wayne calls Her I call Vastness. So Vastness/Emptyness is like Her/Emptyness. Not the same qualities at all. Vastness does have the feminine qualities as Wayne has articulated for us, so Vastness/ Her coming into/through the heart is Radiance quality in Wayne speak.
    I would say emptyness is more something you would experience in meditation while quieting the mind. Usefull if you get the center seat. 🙂

  5. Interesting. A while back I ended my journey of seeking. No attention given to why I stopped though.

    Your post however has got me to look back and realise. I was seeking god and god was found. That is as far as I had to go.

    Which lead me to wonder, why did I not seek emtiness? By luck I struck gold and left it exposed. Why?

    I’m not going to look into that much more I found god and when I remember god I feel a warmth radiate from my heart.

    I was watching your bstgap interview by the way, it was good to listen to while I worked yesterday. I got about a hour in and my tablet died, I got a bit gutted because I was hoping to listen to all of it. No worries I’ll get the other half another day. Another note I would like to send you some money for serenity but first I must earn it (motivated). If I took on your bank account gas gauge suicide complex I would be walking out the front door to ended it 6 months ago. Luckily I don’t but I don’t see my balance rising any time soon.

  6. One last thought. If Wayne were to Surrender to Her 100% with his Mind he would find his being or soul sitting in Her Vastness. No light. A full Vastness that is Her. Light is the fragrance She is the flower.
    But he doesn’t have to because he knows Her in his Heart. Her every quality. Different paths to the same the thing.

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