The Shadow and the Light

A Door and a Window.

A Door and a Window.

MELBOURNE, FL — #Radiance #Technique

February 10, 2015 8:41 AM

Michelle—who has been wrestling with her shadow—”leveled up” the other day with a powerful opening.

It’s rewarding to see such simple advice help someone so profoundly:

Treat them, these angry entities, as your children and Love them. They are not YOU, they are part of your burka.

Obviously it wasn’t just my advice—as you can see from Michelle’s post she’s very good about “polling” multiple sources and gathering evidence to satisfy the naturally doubting mind—but it’s still rewarding to be a part of it nonetheless.

Even though she was working with her shadow, she has found what lies below the shadow—found not just rationally but experientially.

She has found that at her core, she is Love (Radiance).

Helping others like this is what I live for. I want to find a way to do this more often, but somehow and someway to still fit in with my drifter lifestyle. I looked into apps like Meetup, etc., but those felt too forced… too “me-centric.”

I can wait though. I’m good at waiting.

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2 thoughts on “The Shadow and the Light

  1. A lot of spiritual teachers these days are charging like $100 per hour for personal sessions on Skype. Seems like that would be a win-win for you and your more serious readers.

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