The Signs Point East

On The Water's Edge

On The Water’s Edge

BLUEWATER SP, NM — #BATGAP #MiracleLog #VanDwelling

June 15, 2015 5:51 PM

I broke camp this morning and—unusual for me—hopped onto the interstate. I try to avoid interstates—they tend to be boring and dull—but there aren’t many other roads from Flagstaff to Santa Fe, at least without going way out of your way.

In the BATGAP interview, I was asked by a viewer whether one could remain dissolved in Her 24/7. I responded that I certainly couldn’t but that I’d love to hear about anyone who could. Rick then pointed over his shoulder at a photo of Amma and he said she does, and synchronistically she was going to be in Santa Fe in a month. He suggested I stop by and “get a hug.”

The “coincidence” that she was mentioned in the interview, her photo was sitting there looking over his shoulder the entire time, and that she just happened to be touring nearby around the time I was planning on heading up that way toward Colorado, seemed like too much of a sign to ignore.

I can take a hint.

And I like hugs.

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5 thoughts on “The Signs Point East

  1. Yes, I hope you will report on your experience. My only exposure to Amma is through Rick’s frequent mention of her on batgap and I would love to read about your first time experience.

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