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An Empty Chair In A Room Without Walls

An Empty Chair In A Room Without Walls

KEY WEST, FL — #VanDwelling #Journaling #Emptiness #BATGAP

March 17, 2015 8:09 PM

I rolled over and watched the sunrise out my window as a fishing boat left the channel and headed out onto the calm, open sea. The air was still and moist and a few tourists wandered by my rig, unaware they were being observed through the dark limo-tinted glass that serves as my permanent privacy shades.

On impulse, I checked the battery monitor and was surprised to see my battery bank was far lower than I expected—62%—and my mind rattled off some possibilities: Has it been overcast lately? Have I been parked too much in the shade? Is one solar panel not working? Does running the fan all night cost too many amps? Ultimately, I blamed the battery drain on my near empty refrigerator running too much: too hot, too humid and too much empty space in there. I couldn’t do anything about the weather, but the empty space problem was solved by filling it with much denser-than-air ice and cold beer.

By late afternoon, I found myself in Key West on St. Patrick’s Day, but, not feeling up to the drunken crowed experience that would be Duval Street, I opted to park along the water and watch the sunset in relative peace and quiet (as quiet as you can get parked next to A1A).

Irene from BATGP contacted me today and it looks like a May interview is on. I spent an hour going through the prior interviewees on the site, looking to see if any kept a personal blog, but couldn’t find a one. Their “blogs” are really just articles—extensions of their teachings—but I didn’t find a single online diary.

Looking over their sites, it’s a bit intimidating. They all glow so brightly and seem so serene and sure of themselves. Don’t they experience doubts? Don’t they ever fail? Don’t they get confused, or slip, or contract into their Mortal shells? In comparison, I’m just some fool who struggles to surrender to the Divine.

As I sit here typing this, the sun has set and night has descended and, like this morning, the air is still and the sea is calm. Though not cool, the temperature is pleasant enough and, ironically, the cars that roar by the driver’s side window generate a nice cross breeze. I smile in gratitude at this unexpected gift as I open and expand and feel One with everything… while Everything arises inside of me.

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  1. HI Wayne, glad to see you get on the interview list, I’m addicted to your Blogs and Photography, looking forward to meeting with you again before your interview.

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