The Trials

Seeing the Tree thru Obstacles

Seeing the Tree thru Obstacles

MELBOURNE, FL — #Surrender #FourthWall #Technique

February 20, 2015 11:03 AM

My intention was to work on my taxes this morning but I ended up working on the book instead.

In the book, I’m addressing the Trials phase of awakening, how—as the personal self fades and TaoGodHer becomes an active participant in the Mystic’s life—She puts the seeker through a series of tests. Tests and trials that are designed to help the newbie Mystic learn the power of surrender—of flowing with Her Will—and the consequences when Her Will is ignored.

In the book, I used these blog posts as examples of how I finally came to learn this painful lesson:

Michelle is going through a tough time, and I suspect it is part of her Trials phase—that she’s being taught the art of Surrender and Flow.

If you’re life isn’t flowing, then there’s egoic fear (me-me-me) involved in the mix somewhere (either your’s or someone else’s).

Flowing—the art of Divinely guided, stress-free, effortless living—is not about going in the direction that you want to go, but in the direction that TaoGodHer wants you to go.

It’s not at all easy—and it often takes a tremendous amount of faith—but it is, eventually, very rewarding.

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