The Usefulness Of Emptiness Practice

The Space Behind Which Makes It Beautiful

The Space Behind Which Makes It Beautiful

OUTSIDE HEBER, AZ — #Emptiness #Radiance #Soul

May 27, 2015 7:20 AM

After uploading yesterday’s post, I hopped into the van and drove into Show Low for supplies. In town, I considered a movie, but nothing tugged at my heart so I continued onward, later making camp in the forest outside Heber, AZ.

Yesterday’s post may seem like I was dissing Emptiness, but I’m not. When you fall through the Gateless Gate, Emptiness becomes apparent, but before you fall through the Gate, the practice of Emptiness can be useful in seeing through the illusion of the false-you (ego, personal self, whatever you call it).

Emptiness practice can help you recognize that everything that you’ve identified with (what you call “you”) is nothing but a collection of very stubborn and tenacious thoughts (memories, roles, opinions, beliefs, …). Once this me-illusion is seen through, you stop taking life so personally and thus it loses a lot of its drama.

When you take life personally, life becomes exhausting. When you stop taking life so personally—when you stop taking your thoughts personally—life at first feels kind of sterile and, well, empty, but later, when you integrate it, Life (capital-L) starts to feel like an ever present Lover: like your better half, like an extension of you (even if you don’t know what “you” are anymore).

But the Emptiness quality is the most difficult to become proficient in, and it is made all the more difficult if you aren’t already proficient in the Eternal and Radiant qualities. Why? Because Eternal & Radiant practices dramatically weaken the ego/personal self.

When trying to weaken the ego, think the 80/20 rule. 80% of your spiritual growth—and far more practical, your peace of mind—will come from living as a Soul and in Radiance. Those practices will take you to the edge of the Abyss. Emptiness practice may push you over the edge (ego death), but then it may not. Still Emptiness practice will help you start to see your thoughts/ego, and in seeing them (not identifying with them), you’ll gradually stop taking them so seriously.

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One thought on “The Usefulness Of Emptiness Practice


    Oh Cup before me! Mysterious Grail!
    Empty or full?
    Useless when empty, so I’ve been taught
    My heart knows, otherwise

    Oh Cup before me! Mysterious Grail!
    Full and overflowing
    Overflowing with Emptiness
    Primordial Oneness
    Here, before and after.
    Radiating from nowhere to everywhere

    Silent, formless, measureless
    Undefinable, yet defines all
    Unchangeable, yet yields to all.

    Oh Emptiness
    Through, With, In
    Original source of all manifestations
    From whence each come and each will return
    Forever Constant
    Pure Awareness

    Oh Emptiness!
    I am that Grail
    My Cup runneth over

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