The Witness/Participant Cycle

Preparing For Flight

Preparing For Flight

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June 19, 2015 7:13 AM

All personal growth seems to follow a pattern, a cycle between two states:

  • Witness (recognizing and learning something new)
  • Participant (integration and living the newly learned knowledge)

When I advise people to live as a Soul, what I am saying is:

  • Read up on all the evidence of the Soul (witness life as a Soul)
  • Live and act as if you live forever (participate in life as a Soul)

Same with Radiance, read up on the theory (witness it) then bring it to life (participant in it). Ditto Emptiness.

To get through the Gateless Gate, you have to witness the personal self (your mind identifying with its story). Once through the Gate, most people stop there in what is often called the Witness or the Observer. But to embody this new-found state—to bring it to life—you’ve got to transcend the ParadoxYou’ve got to participate in life as a non-ego-identified being (clunky term I know).

Just understanding new knowledge (witnessing it) won’t do you much good. You have to integrate it with your life (participate in Life using this knowledge).

Up until this point, what I have been doing (unbeknownst to me), was witnessing Her (God). I was learning about Her—about how She acts and comes alive in one’s life—as one dissolves their sense of self (The less there is of me, the more their is of Her).

This witnessing of TaoGodHer was a necessary step for my spiritual growth.

The insight Jerry provided—that the me-thing is required for Her to come alive—is the key to integrating this knowledge, knowledge which I’ve been accumulating since “discovering” the duplex personality.

My focus now is not to dissolve myself into Her (“Error. Error. Error.”), but to dance as Her (manifest as the individual me-thing) with Her (as the All and Everything). My focus now is to participate as Her-as-a-little-me-thing.

Or as I said yesterday:

The me-thing is God as an individual seeing, experiencing, and dancing with God as the All and Everything.

Not just understanding it (witnessing it), but living it (participating in it).

Note to Readers: Please, please, please don’t try this I-am-God-manifest (see how egotistical that sounds?) until you’re at the same level as I am (this is a journal, not an advice column). Doing so WILL stunt your spiritual growth. You’ll never get through the Gateless Gate identifying with your ego—and acting as if you are a manifestation of God while still “owning” the ego (identifying with your personal storywill lead to a dangerous messiah complexYou see this all the time in spiritual circles. You have to go through the stages/qualities (become proficient at them) one at a time so that the “you” has a chance to weaken and fade (the less there is of you). Be honest with yourself about how you act (actually living it, not just understanding of it). Don’t try to jump ahead of your Self.

Let me say that again, our mind naturally wants to jump ahead to the end, but please, don’t try to jump ahead of your Self.

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3 thoughts on “The Witness/Participant Cycle

  1. “Witness (recognizing and learning something new)
    Participant (integration and living the newly learned knowledge)”
    Just like you did with loneliness in the I Love… post.
    To bring the misperceptions to Light.

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