Whatever Is Blocking Your Love

Seeking the Light

Seeking the Light

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June 28, 2015 8:20 AM

Last week, while I was waiting for my hug at the Amma EventI spent a lot of time just sitting and observing: Observing the people as they interacted with one another (or didn’t); observing the volunteers as they set up the equipment and lubricated the Machine that fed the devotees up to the stage; observing Amma giving one hug after another after another; and, while the chanting was going on, observing the English translations on the big screen above the stage.

It’s the translations of the chanting that really struck me. Over and over the chanting was about Amma as a personification of the Divine. Many of the people attending—and certainly those doing the chanting—believe Amma to be God Incarnate.

This isn’t anything new in most Indian religions, gurus are often considered an incarnation of the Divine, but from my perspective it struck me as both ironical and profoundly sad.

Everyone in that hall, I saw as God Incarnate.

Everyone there was seeking what they already were. Everyone was thinking that Amma was Something Special, when in fact everyone there I knew was also Something SpecialEveryone there I saw as TaoGodHer manifest in an individual being. TaoGodHer living through their bodies, as their bodies, seeing Herself in all Her many forms.

We are already naked under our clothes, it is just that most don’t realize it.

I felt so sad that almost all the attendees—and particularly the long-term devotees doing the chanting—didn’t recognize this simple fact: They were just as divine as Amma.

What stands between you and TaoGodHer? Nothing.

What stands between you and the felt experience of Her as You? Only one thing: Whatever is blocking your Love.

Whatever is blocking your Love is what stands between you, and the heart-felt experience of Her-as-You.

Not feeling Love? Look to see what is blocking it. Thoughts? Fear? Self-concern? Me-me-me?

Whatever is blocking your Love.

It really is as simple as that.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever Is Blocking Your Love

  1. Attendees seek the experience of “divine”, the greater the illusion of separation the greater the experience. Amma’s job is to reintegrate the divine back into the individual, aka: help devotees REMEMBER their divinity and start living their light on Earth plane of existence. This is nothing new, all gurus help disciples by pointing the way, just a little taste and we all tip into enlightenment.
    Nothing “blocks” love, but filtered thru thought and the perception of duality/ separation/ I-my-me becomes wider… how else would we have any “experiences” at all if there were no mind illusions?? The one will always be the one (in it’s divine emptiness and infinite manifestation).
    You went to see Amma to reconfirm something… an experiment… yes? You received a confirmation (blonde experience)… yes? You became more aware and happy because of this meeting.
    It’s the same for everyone else, “everyone” is the physical manifestation for YOU, and you for them, hence everyone’s “reality” interconnect, our shared reality is TaoGodHer’s vision.
    No need to overthink on this one, experience/ thought/ action/ transcendance is the pulse of life, there is no other purpose. Everything from the one returns to the one.
    Peace 🙂

  2. When Amma hugged me, I fell into the cosmos. Galaxies eternal fill the space between her breasts where my head touched her.

    Yet what I remember as vividly was the intensity I felt when she unhugged me. The release had an oomph in it. It was a mini rocket pad launching me back into my own life.

    Eveyone talks about her hug. No one I’ve known realizes the power she uses to eXtricate us after she takes us wholly into her bosom.

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